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Containers have standardized (fixed) dimensions. The usual sizes are: 20′, 40′, 40’HC (high cube), 45′, 48′ and 53′ which are available from all exit ports; but some shipping lines may not offer all sizes to specific destinations.

How it works:

Our certified Drivers will pick up the Client’s vehicle from its initial location and deliver it to our exit warehouse. Once the vehicle arrives, pictures will be taken and uploaded on the Client’s profile. Depending on the shipping option chosen, the Client’s vehicle will be loaded either by container consolidation towards our clearing agent as soon as more of our other client’s vehicles are ready. Or we wait on the rest of other vehicles to arrive in the case the Client is coordinating his own container. Usually vehicles are loaded in a 40′ size container with three (3) more cars aside from a particular Client’s vehicle thereby making it a 40′ size with four (4) cars.

We are professionals and people like us don’t deliver containers to private homes or unless you have a loading dock.

As a reliable container importer in Nigeria, we have got heaps of experience shipping compartments to Nigeria from the USA, over 25 years to be careful. We utilize a dependable technique for shipment and we have a few delivery lines that leave from every single significant port in the United States. Numerous individuals send items and products extending from Consumer Goods to Capital Goods, and everything in the middle of, for example, Foods Feeds and Beverages, Industrial Supplies and Materials, and Automotive Vehicles (Cars, Parts, and Engines).

Acting precisely, this is how a powerful container importer in Nigeria operates –

In the first place, rest guaranteed that we will set up the suitable archives to satisfy trade consistency guidelines, with an objective of taking care of all your holder sending needs all the way. Along these lines, you can set aside more effort to focus on structure and extending your business. We invest wholeheartedly in having the option to offer our forthcoming clients with not just significant data on compartment transportation to Nigeria, yet in addition point by point value cites, following data, and streamlined shipping tasks.

So where do we come in? We have to know a couple of things about your shipment through the statement structure: the area of the merchandise, what you are shipping, the last goal, and the size of the holder. This enables us to more readily survey the amount it will cost your organization to deliver a compartment to Nigeria. The main thing we do is check for accessible assets on your Visa (we don’t charge it until some other time), at that point upon approval when you put in a request, we convey our truck driver to get the merchandise at your predetermined area with an unfilled holder. The truck driver will pause while the products are stacked and the holder is fixed up, at which time the driver will take the compartment to the takeoff port where it will start its voyage to Nigeria. You are in charge of mailing the first authenticated Bill of Sale to us so it very well may be cleared for Customs. Give a duplicate of this to the truck driver just as a dock receipt (we will give it to you). After that is done, installment can be made with Mastercard, check, or bank move to finish up the exchange.

After you have checked out our demo auction and feel you’re prepared to purchase, please visit the new accounts section and complete the form there. Everyone involved with Japanese car auctions is held accountable in regards to safety. Locating a neighbourhood Importers of auction cars in your town can be tricky if you’ve got zero clues where to begin.

Need of a Clear Title the car can’t be legally imported if you don’t own the crystal clear title for the vehicle. The auction cars found here are up for grabs and in case you need to find an automobile auction stored at the local Copart facility that interests you we can help you in bidding on the motor vehicle. Buying Japanese used cars at auction includes a wealth of advantages.

The overall thumb rule is to offer your automobile and purchase a new one, as soon as you are there in Panama. Used cars may need to pay a fee it’s an e-commerce model that has been placed on sale by the auction house to sell the products are based on the simplest way possible price. Used Cars with low mileage are readily available but you will need to be mindful before plunging to purchase it.

If you’re interested in buying cars at wholesale rates, take a peek at our car auction guide to learn how to purchase the car that you want at auction, exactly like a dealer. It’s perfectly legal to sell Importers of auction cars which was once underwater, but naive purchasers could be unaware of the degree of the damage incurred to a car that has spent any period in water. After you win or purchased a car from the Auction Mall you’ve got to take the vehicle within the designated time.