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If you’re looking to buy a car, our professional consultants help you to make the best decision so that you get nothing but the best car within your budget. With a proven track record of getting the best cars for our clients, our experienced and professional car experts walk you through the entire process to get a good car which you always wanted. As one of the leading car brokerage firms in Nigeria we have our clientele spanning across Nigeria and we’ve also done a lot of business with International community and expats living in Nigeria. With us it is not only about buying cars but it’s about getting the best cars on a budget.

Our professional car consultants help you with all the relevant information in regards to your purchase start from the scratch. You get to know what exactly you’re buying.
With us you have an advantage over traditional methods of purchasing a car where you’ve to visit a dealer and get a mechanic to check your car’s condition and performance and after all the hassles they still find it difficult to get the best car which is worth the value for their money. Trust and reliability is the core of our business philosophy and as your trusted representative and consultant we get the best cars for our clients. Your requirement is our priority and we know how to put a smile on the face of our clients.


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To save you the hassles of getting through the complex processes of bidding and making secure transactions we act as an intermediary between auction companies in the United States and our customers in Nigeria. We take all the responsibility of buying, trucking, shipping, and getting clearance for your vehicle. While we take a 100% risk guaranteeing you a secure transaction, we ensure you with the best and smooth clearance within your budget. With all the scams and frauds going on in the market in name of online cars at cheaper rates, we also recommend you to do business with a registered and listed companies. With us we don’t just say what we do but we also put it down in our agreements and keep our commitments. With a long list of happy and satisfied clients, our professional car advisors bring to you nothing but the best.




Your vehicle will be delivered directly to the exit port in NJ, MD, GA, FL. On Arrival of the vehicles at the exit port, the title/ownership and accompanying documents are submitted to U.S. Customs Officials for the requisite verifications and approvals before the container is then loaded into the Shipping vessel. Please note, NJ customs are overburdened due to very high volume, and delays are not uncommon. Should a delay be prolonged, the vehicle will be loaded onto the next vessel with available cargo space.


Our experts at Awoof car sales help you with the online bidding process and also place a bid on your behalf. All it requires is that you make a deposit of $400 or 10% of the car’s price in your account.Thereafter we communicate with you via emails and also our dedicated representatives let you know all the details and progress over a call as well. It is not only about getting a great deal as in price and quality of the car but also your orders with us are fully secured and also your payments are processed through secure gateways wherein all your details are safe. As one of the leading car brokers in Nigeria we make sure that you get the best with us.


At Awoof, we also train people how to bid online, by educating them about the processes involved in making a bid. It is important that you understand how it works so that you don’t end up risking to buy a car which you weren’t intending to. A simple mistake could end up in a liability and that’s irreversible. We also have an ongoing opportunity for people who want to partner with us and work at the comfort of their homes. Once trained about making bids, you stand a chance of getting commission through us depending on what you are bringing on ground and numbers of units. For further details you could contact us and we will get back to you at the earliest.






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